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For two decades, Michelle Dionisio, President and CEO of Benevilla, has been driving the agency to reach a new level and a new standard. Her leadership has taken the agency from nearly closing its doors in 1998, to celebrating its 30-year mark, to unveiling plans for a unique state-of-the-art intergenerational campus which opened the fall of 2008, to launching a brand new social café model in 2004, and establishing a lasting legacy for generations to come. If you ask Michelle what she believes has made Benevilla one of the most successful agencies in the West Valley, you'll get an earful! And her passion for the agency, and our clients, will come shining through.

"We have consistent leadership and stability. We have had a vision and have driven it relentlessly. You just can't quit on that vision. Benevilla provides several opportunities for local residents to give and receive the companionship needed within our community. The ability to meet the needs in our community is what makes Benevilla unique." In addition, our esteemed leader believes that Benevilla is going to be the model for the intergenerational day centers and our social center and café model will be mirrored throughout Arizona and eventually nationwide. Our constant vision for growth and trying new things will be embraced by others seeking non-profit success.

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